Paul's latest offering. Very popular and a must have for any shop. Five (5) sheets from 2000.






Contains Gargoyles, Demonic Leafmen, Cybertech madness and just downright creepy images with a good range of size. Six (6) sheets from 1997.






A real classic! Still extremely popular designs, no shop is complete without this set! Five (5) sheets from 1995.






Vintage stuff here, Paul's first set ever! And the designs are still popular, you need this! Five (5) sheets from 1992.





A tribute to our only recognized holiday... Halloween! Worry not, designs sell year round... Single sheet from 1999.





One of the only three Paul Booth color sheets in existence! This one came into being from Paul's need to improve upon it's predecessor. Quality color copy.




Back from Hell, Alice finds herself with the living once again! Discontinued for years... we give you once again Alice, sweet Alice. Quality color copy.




Get all of the above Paul Booth Flash and save $75.00 !